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The multifandom graphics comm of TemporalRanger

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The multi-fandom graphics community of temporalranger

'You cannot be Mr White also. It would be a matter of confusion.'

'But we are running out of colours,' said Mr Violet, intervening.

'That cannot be the case,' said Mr White. 'There is an infinite number of colours.'

'But there are not that many names,' said Miss Taupe.

'That is not possible. A colour must have a name.'

'We can find only one hundred and three names for green before the colour becomes noticeably either blue or yellow,' said Miss Crimson.

'But the shades are endless!'

'Nevertheless, the names are not.'

- Thief of Time, Terry Pratchett

1. Comment and credit (either temporalranger or flutterby icons) if taking anything.
2. Actually, comment anyway. Those things are like crack to me.
3. Don't hotlink. Not only is it rude, but I have run out of bandwidth before, so that'll likely backfire on you.
4. Concrit and feedback are always welcome.
5. Not a rule, but I do like to know which icons people are nabbing, so I know what to make more of!
6. Enjoy ^^

Criminal Minds
Doctor Who
Merlin (BBC)
Power Rangers
Star Trek (TOS and XI)

Coming Shortly
Gilmore Girls
Harry Potter
Terry Pratchett
White Collar

Favoured Ships
Jim/Bones (XI and TOS)
Jim/Bones/Spock (TOS)
Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke
98% of the screencaps I use are mine. However those that aren't are from the following:

Dr Who & Torchwood


Star Trek
Trek Core

For ease of sorting and updating, my resource list has been moved to my delicious. You can find it here
A request thread will be started from time to time. Finished icons will be posted in a seperate post once they are all completed. Check the post for restrictions.

You may request at other times, and if I have the time and inspiration I will be happy to make it for you, though I will not provide a guarantee. You can request by PMing me, Twitter (temporalranger) or a comment on a related post.

If you wish to request something other than an icon (moodtheme, banner, LJ layout) you can ask, but I don't guarantee I'll do it. Moodthemes in particular take ALOT of time, but asking never hurt anybody. Just be polite - I once got a PM saying "I want a Spock layout." and am now completely disinclined to EVER make one in case they think I did it for them. (Maybe taking grudges a little too far?) Ask nicely and, as long as I have the time, I'll probably have a go at it.


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